On The Outside

John Cooney • September 21 2017

Do you remember the old cowboy movies, when the stranger would walk into the saloon and the piano would stop and everyone would just turn and quietly stare at him?

I know how he feels.

It was not that way when we first arrived in Winsted just over a year ago. As a matter of fact, my family and I fell in love with the place. We had planned to stay for a day and ended up here for nearly a week. During that time we decided that this was where we wanted to live and raise our family, so we put an offer in on a home and before we knew it, we were moving here. It was like a dream.

Before long though, we began to feel like strangers. Everyone was friendly enough at first, but it seemed as though as soon as we exposed our political views it all began. First we were brushed off at a town hall meeting. Then some of the people we first met here seemed to become less approachable, Then our little cat got shot (Thank God the poor thing survived). Then people began to come on to my property and remove our election signs. Repeatedly.

My family was intimidated, and even began to discuss moving from here. We had only been here a few months! I have lived in many places and this has never happened to me before, not anywhere, ever. What is it that makes this little city so different?

From the outside, it looks to be that there are some very old and entrenched ideas. Not to mention a shocking amount of prior corruption. And our our city leaders seem to want to shut you down when you express any desire for change or ask any questions.

We're going to stand up, not run away. We still really want to love this place.

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