Did Mayor Perez & Democrat majority buy your vote with a fake "no tax increase" budget?

Windy • October 1 2017
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Here we go again with the Perez Democrats!

From the July 20, 2017 Register Citizen article:

Winsted Democrats hope to continue positive momentum in community it is reported:

"Democrats, fresh from creating a budget that kept the tax rate level, in part through using a portion of the fund balance...". 

The article conveniently neglects to mention that Democrats appropriated ("more like robbed") over $500,000 from the fund balance.

Financially secure towns with strong credit ratings like Canton and Shelton, don't raid their "rainy day" funds to demonstrate a growing tax base.

You may remember back in 2013 when Perez Democrats also controlled the Board of Selectmen, Moody's downgraded Winchester's credit rating to nothing, essentially taking the town's credit card away.

To reinstate our credit rating, the town must show a significant improvement in reserve levels.  It has been 4 years and Winchester still doesn't have it's credit rating back. 

So why are Perez Democrats playing dangerous games with the town's financial future and deteriorating infrastructure?

From The Winsted Independent Party Vision For Winchester:

1. Taxpayer First Financial Policy

2. Responsive town government through Digital Democracy initiative

3. Make Winsted an Enterprise Zone

4. Reverse downward spiral of property values

5. Restore town's credit rating

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