Winsted Independents Destroy Winchester Democrat Political Machine 1

Windy • October 28 2017
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Read about successful debate for Winsted Independents:

Republican American - Winsted debate puts emphasis on need to work together

Candidates Jerry Martinez and John Cooney hammered Democrats.  From the article:

Winsted Independent Party candidate Jerry Martinez who said that "ideologically" he does not have much in common with Democrats and is unsure how well he would be able to work with them.  He said he believes in the two-party system in that through "discourse" and competing ideas come excellence, and the town benefits from better result.

Jerry continues:

I really don't have to much to talk about with the Democrats, but we're will to list to what they have to say", Martinez said.  "We'll see how it goes.

John gets into the action:

Winsted Independent Party candidate John Cooney said while he is will to work with anyone, including those he does not agree with, "Please, do not mistake, passionate concern or questioning leadership as negativity.

Jerry Backstory:

Martinez, a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission, was critical of his commission's decision not to approve the application from the Community Health and Wellness Center, which wanted to move into the location of the former Winsted Super Saver.  Martinez and Republican member Craig Sanden voted for it but the three Democrat members did not.

Jerry puts Democrats on defense:

Democrat Candidate Steve Sedlack lashes out at Jerry for stating that the Winsted Democrat Machine was responsible and influenced the Democrat decision.  With a "non-denial" denial Sedlack monologues that the "notion of a Democratic Machine is fantasy".

With Multiple Financial Failures - Winsted Independents call that government with a 'D'!